Helle Juhler-Verdoner

We work to improve framework conditions and knowledge sharing as well as partner networks among members and stakeholders within energy system integration, sector-coupling with buildings, transport and industry. We stress the need for digital foundation, in order to activate infrastructure and consumers in balancing the energy system and avoid grid congestion. The need for activating infrastructure and consumers is intensified moving towards 2030 and beyond, because the most cost effective way to implement climate goals is  basaed on massive inflow of intermittent Renewable Energy Sources like wind and solar power. We identify regulatory barriers and advocate towards decision makers to remove barriers for system integration and sector-coupling, especially in the regulation of power, heat, waste water, water and gas infrastructure. New products and new players like aggregators are essential in the green transition. We work to improve the framework for aggregators and other players which develop business proposals that enable consumers to participate actively in the green transition.

Branchechef i Intelligent Energi, del af Green Power Denmark

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May 5, 2022

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