Sally Khallash

Founding Partner at Behavioural Strategy

Having worked with a behavioural economics approach to consultancy for the past 10 years and supported by her experience as lecturer at Harvard University and at CBS, Sally’s ambition was and continues to be to merge behavioural economics, data-driven insights and management consultancy to form a new breed of consultancy.

The focal point is to focus services on how people really make decisions rather than how they rationally should make decisions.

She has a background in decision science, scenario planning, strategy and policy work and has advised multinational companies and supranational institutions across the world for more than a decade.

She has a Masters in Political Science, is concluding a PhD in behavioural economics and has worked as a researcher at Oxford University and taught decision theory and behavioural economics at Harvard University.

She is the author of 3 books and several articles and is a Marshall Memorial Fellowship awardee.

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