Pontus Persson

Senior Strategy and Transformation Consultant at Valtech at Valtech

I’ve been working with digital for the last 25 years, both in Sweden and now here in Denmark. A large part of that time I’ve been at Valtech where I’m helping our clients grow and transform, innovate and deliver great experiences to their customers and users. I’ve worked with many of the larger and well-known brands in Sweden and Denmark as well as globally – across many verticals and industries. My focus is strategy and innovation of business models, customer experiences and communication – always with a human-centred approach. I spend a lot of time trying to understand how future trends, changing human behaviour and emerging technology are impacting businesses as well as consumers and society at large. Currently, I’m involved in Valtech Future Studio, which is Valtech’s future shaping engine that helps clients around the world to create a preferable future based on actionable insights, strategic planning and emerging technology, were we now are focusing on the future of retail.

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