Pia Lauritzen

Founder and Chief Methodologist at Qvest.io

Pia Lauritzen, PhD in philosophy, is the founder and inventor of Qvest. By flipping the survey logic around, Qvest uses the questions people ask each other to mobilize and map collective intelligence. Pia’s research on the nature and impact of questions shows that questions connect human beings to 1) themselves, 2) each other and 3) the world they share. It is by asking questions like ‘who am I?’, ‘what is the right thing to do?’ and ‘how does this work?’ that we build experience. And it is by building experience, we learn and grow. Sadly, humanity is short on methods and tools that are designed to leverage all the experiences, insights and ideas hidden in the questions we ask each other. Instead, we make decisions based on ‘dead’ data in terms of predefined answers to predefined survey questions. And rather than finding ways to tap into our collective intelligence, we spend all our time and money developing artificial intelligence. But what if it’s possible to quickly mobilize, map and act on the collective insight in large populations – could that help solve some of the trust issues that AI raises?