Louise Overgaard

Festival Director at IWDK

With a background in religious sociology, psychology and organizational anthropology, Louise Overgaard is now the Festival Director of IWDK. Louise further has education in process management, project leadership, innovation management and professional board membership.

Louise has previously worked within the Municipality, where she has experience with library and Smart City development on a national and international level. For example, she has been part of the team that developed Dokk1 – the now famous library and community center.

With Louise’s work as International Innovation Lead, she has established international alliances for city development. In this context, she has been the lead for Aarhus’ candidacy to become European innovation capital in 2017 and 2018. Both years Aarhus made it to the finals.

On the side of her work, Louise chairs the board in Coding Pirates Denmark – a national NGO that makes digital and creative activities for children.

You can meet Louise all over IWDK, where she will make sure everyone has a great festival full of fun and learning.