Joakim Espeland

CEO & Co-founder at QuadSAT

Joakim Espeland is the CEO and co-founder of QuadSAT, a Danish company that supplies drone based antenna testing and tracking solutions to the satellite, defence, wireless and broadcast markets. 

QuadSAT’s system combines advanced drone technology with a custom RF pointing payload. As a compact system, it is transported directly to site and when launched as a mission it will provide customers with in situ testing capabilities, resulting in a cost-effective, operationally flexible, and timesaving solution.

Joakim and his co-founder Andrian Buchi began QuadSAT as a University project where they explored how drones could be used for satellite antenna testing. Prior to starting QuadSAT, Joakim acquired a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from VIA University and worked with Global Eagle Entertainment and EMC (Expanding Mobile Connectivity) where he was a satellite technician.

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