Helle Rootzen

ProfessorĀ at Learning Technology and Digitalization at the Technical University

Helle Rootzen is Professor of Learning Technology and Digitalization at the Technical University of Denmark and is the leader of learnT-Center for DigitalLearning Technology. She is a member of ATV’s digital Wise Men and has beenhead of DTU Compute2010-15. Are working on learning technology, learning analytics, evidence in learning, learning objects, e-learning, and student based learning. Likes to look into the exponential future, leadership, statistics, big data, and diversity.

”We will have to learn from we are born until we die-not only to build the future society but also to live init. To be able to do this, learning must be a mix of events happening in virtual space and in physical space. The main trend in learning right now is adaptive learning based on AI. But how do we ensure that these advanced tools will be available to all, how should we treat data coming from digital learning technology, how do we ensure education for all so that everybody – also – belongs to the digital society, and how do we keep the balance between the digital and the physical world” Helle Rootzen, 2020.