Christian Mogensen

Speaker and Project Manager at Center for Digital Pædagogik

Christian is CfDP (Center for Digital Pedagogy) “nerd”. He is the driving force behind gaming projects and often gets lost in the secrets of the computer screens pixels and polygons. Christian is driven by giving a whole generation of “nerds” room to unfold, without being crammed into boxes marked as “asocial”, “dangerous” or “strange”. Also, he passionate about showing and understanding how social media and games can help bridge the gap between young people – if used properly.

Christian has a masters in both philosophy and psychology and has since graduation worked with the digital generation daily life on the web. Christian has been an active participant in both the national and international discussion about the effects of digital games on young people’s brains, as well as how social media affect our way of being humans. Christian keeps his finger on the pulse by being a game journalist and tech writer for several Danish media.