FAQ - Regarding IWDK21

Will IWDK 2021 be in-person or virtual?

IWDK is preparing to enter the IWDK21 with a newly built Virtual Experience. In a partnership with Cadpeople and Campfire & Co, we are making a IWDK Virtual Experience, that will provide an experience of the future festival with: Virtual stages that live streams events, a vivid digital 3D-universe to explore, and great interaction possibilities between event organizers and guests.

If you are more interested in the features of IWDK Virtual Experience you can go here to watch a video about the creation of it. You can also sign up to our newsletter down below in the footer.

How many are live streaming events in IWDK Virtual Experience?

IWDK has never held an entirely virtual festival before. This makes it hard to estimate the average live viewers for each event. We understand the need for an answer to this question, which is why we have collected data for IWDK 2019 even though it was an in-person attendance festival. 

According to the data from the 2019, with a total of +10.000 participants across the 2019 week, we estimate that this year’s festival (tuesday to friday at 9 AM – 4 PM) in total on all four virtual stages, will have an average of 50-150 live viewers.

At our Trust & Tech Stage, we estimate that high profile events will spike up to 400 live viewers with an average of 140 live viewers. IWDK Official Opening is also considered an event with political impact.

At our Community Stage, which is for all tech/digital companies to create an event, we estimate an average of 10-60 live viewers. This is based on the average amount of participants for an event at IWDK 2019.


Who is watching IWDK events?

IWDK gathers and resonates with politicians, tech companies, field professionals, international stakeholders and Danish citizens. Usually IWDK attracts a great amount of employees from SME’s working with tech.