Fri May 07 // 16:15 - 17:15


Trust & Tech



Turing, Testing & Trusting

Round off your IWDK week at this special event featuring three truly global perspectives on the future of technology.

Key Take-aways

  • A summary of IWDK21 from an artificial assistant
  • A discussion of the role of AI and UI in building trust with users
  • A better understanding of the role AI will play in the future in terms of expanding human creativity, empathy, and agency

Meet three different global perspectives that will broaden your understanding of AI possibilities and its future role:

Anne Marie Engtoft, Denmark’s Tech Ambassador, represents the Danish government to the global tech industry and in global governance forums on emerging technologies. She leads Denmark’s internationally recognized TechPlomacy efforts in Silicon Valley, Copenhagen and Beijing, which recognize that technology and digitalization cut across discussions of foreign and international security policy. 

Anne Marie’s presentation will primarily focus on the need to ensure a responsible, safe and democratic technology development. Technology provides solutions to many of the world’s biggest problems: climate, poverty, growth and prosperity as well as education etc. But we must ensure that we reap the benefits of technology development while keeping a close eye on the dark sides. We must ensure that the use and development of technology takes place in accordance with the Danish model and our democratic values. Denmark must show the way forward. As one of the world’s most digitalized countries, Denmark has a strong platform, and skilled companies that prove to be good examples of responsible use of technology, promote Danish values and develop new solutions that contribute to Danish growth and employment.

Mark Bünger, is a co-founder at Futurity Studio, the Barcelona-based partner of Aarhus’s Innovation Lab. Futurity uses data science, industrial design, and strategy to help organizations like NASA, the UN World Food Program, and corporate clients build better futures faster. Mark is a former technology analyst and Vice President at Lux Research, Forrester Research, and Accenture. 

Carolina Benjaminsen is the CEO of DigitalLead, Denmark’s newly formed cluster for digital technologies. She is a Ph.D. in Learning, Tehnology and STS Studies and the former head of Ørestad Innovation City Copenhagen. Carolina has a sharp focus on bringing researchers and the business community together to produce tomorrow’s technology.

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