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Trust & Tech In Retail: The Next Normal

Retailers have long relied on being able to identify consumers to serve them relevant. But the identifiers that retailers use to do this are coming under threat...

Key Take-aways

  • Understand the disruptions happening in retail around consumer trust and tech
  • Learn how retailers and their partners should respond to these challenges
  • Get help to outline the tactical and strategic approaches that retailers can take for the future

The Next Normal In Retail: The Privacy Imperative

Retailers are coming under threat as platforms and regulators has worked to improve data privacy and protection practices for consumers — namely by putting privacy legislation in place and killing off the third-party tracking cookie.

This event explains the significant disruptions developing this year in how retailers have to find new ways to run their business, and how tech and trust is at the core of being able to do exactly that. We gather a number of industry bodies (trade and business associations, service partners and retailers) to discuss how to evolve consumer trust in retail, how to respond to identity challenges and how tech can be used to overcome them.

At the Trust & Tech Stage in the IWDK Virtual Experience we will host an intriguing day about trust and tech in retail with specialized keynote speakers, digital frontrunners and industry professionals. Among other things you can expect to become much smarter on how to build a privacy-first future for your retail business that can keep up with the changing expectations of consumers and rebuild their trust. Furthermore you will get insights on how to adapt to the next normal in retail – that is how The COVID-19 crisis has led to dramatic shifts in consumer behavior and trust and how one as a retailer should meet ever-evolving customer experience requirements in order to win and remain relevant. How major disruptive technologies is unlocking new forms of value and how that highlights an opportunity for growth through the delivery of higher value experiences for retailers.

The event will serve as a means to gain a competitive-edge in retail and help to inspire retailers how to grow with trust and tech at the heart of what they do.



Kl. 09.00: Welcome (Moderator Heidi Svane // Lifestyle & Design Cluster)

Kl. 09.15: Retailers and the privacy imperative (Peter Loell & Kim Kristensen // OMD)

Data protection and privacy are prime issues on the commercial agenda for retailers as we are moving from a tracking-by-default to a privacy-by-default landscape. Learn how retailers can present themselves as ‘privacy first’ in order to build consumer trust and how they should put consumer consent and privacy at the forefront of their activities, not as an afterthought.

Kl. 09.45: Retail Revolution (Emmy Ramsay // OMD)

Retailers are building services and experiences that leverage a wide range of technologies through voice, machine vision, sensors, Iot and connected semantic services. We highlight an opportunity for retailers for growth through the delivery of higher value experiences. This reframes the sector, drives disruption across the category and shakes up the marketing value chain. We will show how consumers and their attitudes to technology develop and how trust is imperative in the way they make purchase decisions.

Kl. 10.45: (Pontus Persson // Valtech)

With the ongoing regulations by governments, changes made by the tech giants and growing consumer awareness regarding data privacy, integrity and ethics, solving challenges within these areas are crucial to provide the retail experiences of the future. Often, emerging (and sometimes existing) technology will be key to solve the challenges involved, in combination with brand building and other things. Based on research, interviews and co-creation with businesses in North America and Europe, future scenario development and development of emerging technology proof of concepts I would like to share Valtech’s predictions for the future of retail, where building trust with consumers and customers will be key.

Kl. 11.15: Break

Kl. 11.45-13.00: To be announced

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