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To trust in Health Tech?

New technologies have the potential to solve a number of problems and dilemmas that health professionals face every day. But we need to trust technology in order to use it.

Key Take-aways

  • Gather insights about data analysis from health professionals
  • Experience new cases that are emerging from health tech
  • Get help to face ethical dilemmas in new technology

At this event we gather health professionals in all of the Danish health sector to discuss trust in Health Tech. Health Tech(nologies) have the potential to solve a number of problems and dilemmas that health professionals face every day. But we need to trust technology in order to use it. Therefore we ask through the theme of the day: How do we trust in Health Tech?

The day is divided into two main themes. First, we look into the inevitable Covid-19 which has impacted our society more than anything that last year. Second, we look into specific health technologies that revolve around ethical challenges. To sum up the day, we take on an international perspective and look towards the US and China. 

At this Health Tech Summit you will collect valuable insights of the upcoming trustable future – and it’s up to you if you want in on it.



09.00 Welcome: To Trust in Health Tech? (Frederik Mølgaard Thayssen / Danish Life Science Cluster

09.15 Theme 1: Covid-19 impacting the human behaviour

09.17 Keynote: The Importance of Trust & Agency During the Pandemic (Michael Bang Petersen)

The COVID-19 pandemic created the biggest change in health-related behavior that the world has ever seen. However, not everyone changed the behavior equally and not everyone supported those changes. Those who trusted authorities and those who felt a sense of agency were the ones most likely to comply with advice to keep a distance, wash their hands and use a mask. If technologies are to support health behavior, it is this key for the technologies to sustain these crucial feelings of trust and agency.

09.45: Health after the pandemic (Ryan Connolly, ValTech)

We have all feared for the lives of our loved ones and questioned if the system would be able to sustain us. COVID-19 is a super-amplifier of a foundational trust deficit that threatens our ability to respond to the challenges we face to improve and reinvent our healthcare system. The facilitation of trusted coexistence in networks, on platforms and in partnerships will play an essential role in how organisations become more relevant in the future.

10.15: — Break —

10.30 Theme 2: Health Technologies – new data creates new ethical dilemmas

10.32: Silver Economy and Welfare technology (Michael Smærup & Mads Lund Andersen, VIA University College)

Within the next decade, Europe will experience an increase of citizens aged 75+, at 20%. Consequently, more and more technologies are being developed for the retention of functionality, self-reliance, and thereby quality of life of these citizens. The keynote gives you a look into future fields of welfare technology.

11.00: Health technologies – (Mikkel Svindt, DokkX)

Live from the DokkX Exhibition. DokkX has invited 3 innovative companies with unique health tech solutions to answer how they work with data and ethical dilemmas. These are Sani Nudge, Precure and Egoo Health.

11.30: — Break —

11.45: Health tech in a global context – the US take on healthcare data and AI (Christian Malherbe / Region Midtjylland)

Christian Malherbe, Senior Advisor at Innovation Centre Denmark, will talk about trust in health tech, AI and data from his vantage point in Silicone Valley.

12.30: Conclusion

12.45: See ya.


Theme 1: Covid-19 impacting the human behaviour

The Covid-19 pandemic has now lasted a year and we feel and see the effects of it as we live with the restrictions in our daily lives. The pandemic impacts our behaviour, such as how we behave and how we feel. The mental health of many people has been affected by the pandemic, but what is the state of our mental and physical health?

In the first part of this event we look at data from a whole year with a pandemic. What have we learned from the pandemic? Has it impacted and changed the healthcare system and how we behave?

Theme 2: Health technologies – data creates new ethical challenges 

Health technologies strives to promote health by assisting its users in their everyday life. Health technologies can improve quality of life for its users by providing help, guidance, or knowledge. For health technologies to reach their full potential, they need to be implemented correctly regarding the users, the healthcare system, and the companies behind the technologies. 

In the second part of this event we gather several cases within health technologies to explore the ethical challenges when using data in health technologies. Often these technologies collect data to be able to provide better solutions for individuals or groups of people. However, using and collecting data leads to new ethical challenges. How can we make personal solutions and ensure data security?


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