Thu May 14 // 18:00 - 21:00


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Aarhus C

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Tech Tales competition

Candidates will compete in telling the best tale of a tech solution. The language will be down to earth and free of jargon, and EVERYONE is welcome, no matter skill set, age and background.

Key Take-aways

  • Insight into the world of tech
  • Explanation of popular tech-buzzwords like artificial intelligence and Internet of Things
  • Great company and lots of fun - the best way to digest complicated topics!


Tech tale: An inspiring, educational and eye opening talk relating to a technical topic told in a simple, ordinary and understandable language.


Who can tell the best tech tale that is catchy, relevant for the public and innovative? We are looking for the most tech savvy people that can convey their message, so EVERYBODY understands the purpose and potential.

We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to take part in the debate about new technologies and how they are utilized. This requires a shared language without implied tech terms or, even worse, abbreviations of such implied terms. Thus, we want to celebrate the people that master simple inclusive language that outlines a complex topic.

In total, five presenters will each spend 15 minutes sharing their tech tale. At the end, the audience – in the concert hall as well as online – and a panel of five judges will choose the best and most enlightening tech tale of the evening, based on:

  • communication skills,
  • creativity
  • sense making – does it make sense in the real world or is it just hot air?

The event is for EVERYONE, no matter skill set, age and background – we aim to make it interesting both for the tech experts and the tech novices.

We are fortunate to have a very beautiful location in Musikhuset Aarhus and for those who do not live nearby or did not get a ticket, we will live stream the event. We hope educational institutions, all kinds of companies and private people will help us by having streaming parties and make sure that we have a large and diverse audience, so we have the best foundation to find the winner. Please reach out to us, we will be more than happy to support both big as well as small streaming parties. We would be honoured if would you add us as co-hosts on Facebook, so we can keep track of all the great streaming parties.

If you prefer being on stage fighting for the big prize, please send us a video no longer than 5 minutes, as a teaser of your tech tale to hi@cocoders.dk. All videos will be posted on our Youtube-channel, so people can upvote their favourites for the big final onstage.

Join us for a great evening in Musikhuset or online celebrating the best story tellers from the tech world.

THANK YOU to Microsoft, VIA University and ProActive for sponsoring and making this event possible!

FYI, there are limited seats, to save a seat remember to get your ticket here.

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