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Tech & Sustainability: Trick-or-Treat?

The World bets on tech to treat the sustainability crisis, and there is plenty of opportunity already for that. But with the treat comes tricks: Ethical dilemmas and risks. Are YOU prepared?

Key Take-aways

  • Mind blowing and inspiring tech cases
  • Co-create a better and data-driven world with your fellow participants
  • Play, fun and games to understand ethics, risks and complexity

We are all painfully aware that the climate crisis is building up and threatens our way of life and global stability. We are – many scientists agree – only 9-10 years from a catastrophic tipping point. If we want to avoid this tipping point, we must exploit science, technology and demand behavioral change at all levels – to treat the climate.

In this interactive event the two hosts Anders Quitzau and Kim Escherich will explore the technology part and how digitization, data and advanced technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain already today or in the near future can help solve the looming crisis. You will hear inspiring examples from a.o. Cap Gemini Research Institute and Concordium.

But the tech treat may also be a trick – and that is the flip side, which we will also explore – with your help! Technologies create or build on a lot of data, to help us humans make the right decision. They also enable us to nudge, push, press or punish people and organizations to behave more sustainably. And this gives rise to severe challenges and ethical dilemmas. Such as – how do we get reliable, consistent data on sustainability? How about privacy and integrity? Does the end goal – make a better World –  justify the means – or is there a limit to how far we shall go down the technocracy and solutionism road?  

We will present to you the biggest dilemmas and ask you: How far are YOU willing to go to save the World?



09.00 AM: Introduction: Can tech solve the climate crisis (Anders Quitzau)

Digitisation is a key enabler for companies to ‘do the right thing’  – to tackle the accelerating climate crisis and to embed sustainability into their mission, business model, processes and products. The good news is that most of the technologies already exist to enable us to do so. It is ‘just’ a matter of finding the most impactful ideas – the ‘treats’ og be aware of the pitfalls – the ‘tricks‘.

09.15: To become more sustainable you need good cheap data – is that possible?? (Christian Preuthun Pedersen / VIA University College)

Data can be hard and expensive to get – here is a big issue. Good data are even harder to get – an even bigger issue. Data availability is not enough though – somebody need to create decision information on the data – and they are not there or they are not in the range of what you need. What to do!? I am giving a blue ocean away to those who listens.

09.45: Digitization and sustainability  – What can data be used for ? (Kim Escherich)

What is the connection between sustainability, technology and data from the practical perspective? And what about the way we think? Are there a sustainability mindset and how should that play along technical opportunities, inventions, new ways of thinking. Participate in filling out the sustainablity-tech-canvas.

10.15: Climate AI: Using Artificial Intelligence To Combat The Climate Crisis  (Samay Mir & Amrita Sengupta / Capgemini)

Acting on the climate crisis is no longer a choice. It is urgent that organizations act towards reducing their climate footprint. But how can AI power your climate action strategy?

10.45: The Ethical blockchain (Lone Fønss Schrøder, Concordium)

11.15: Break

11.30: Getting from buzzwords to business: Sustainability, data, and AI in practice (Maria Svantemark / SustainLab)

Sustainability, data and AI are on everyones lips, yet few companies know what is really means to work data-driven when it comes to sustainability. What challenges are there, how to overcome them and how to go from tedious yearly sustainability reporting to continous insights into sustainability data to run the business better?

12.00: Test yourself – How far will you go? (Anders Quitzau & Kim Escherich)

Where good intentions, modern solutionism and classical ethics meet – serious dilemmas emerge. We are going to test your limits: How far will you go to save the World?

12.30: Conclusion (Anders Quitzau)

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