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Sustainability, diversity & tech

How can we through diverse teams with interdisciplinarity, different genders and ethnicities create better and sustainable technologies? The day will be filled with talks, workshop and debate.

Key Take-aways

  • Which actions do we need to take to achieve UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SGD)
  • Learn why diversity creates value
  • Inspiration and new ideas for technologies in a sustainable future

Why is it important that designers, anthropologists and people with a deep domain knowledge also speak the language of tech? Why do we need more women in the STEM-field? And what impact does diverse tech teams have on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)? Join us for a few hours or a whole day at Designit‘s office and let us learn from the speakers and each other.

We are lucky to have former TEDx host Phil Hall as our host of the day.   Phil is now Global Content Lead at Designit working with teams of designers out to improve the world as we know it.


9:00 – 9:15: Welcome by track hosts from Co-coders and Designit

9:15 – 10:00: Signe Ungermand and Maria Engermann will guide us through the world of virtual reality and how they use the technology to emphasise their stories. They have visited fashion shows around the world and participated in the UN Environment Assembly in Kenya to display their ‘X-Ray Fashion’ VR-documentary that tells the darker story of garment production within the fast-fashion industry.

10:15 – 11:00: Unfortunately, Steen Hildebrandt has called in sick, but we are lucky Mannd who will set up one of their VR installations. Afterwards Theresa Høgenhaug from Special Mind who works with the SDG’s from different perspectives will do a talk about the SDG’s instead of Steen Hildebrandt.

11:15 – 12:00: Nikhita Ghugari and Swar Raisinghani from India will talk about how opportunities for business scale can be achieved through embracing diversity and how addressing different types of cultures, societies, markets and users help in the journey of growth.

12:00 – 13:00: Lunch break in Designit’s offices.

13:00 – 15:00: The talks will be followed by a debate in the afternoon. During the debate we will discuss:

  • What is diversity?
  • How to ensure diversity in tech?
  • How do we all get a basic understanding of tech while not loosing the domain knowledge for non-tech fields?
  • How do we use diversity actively to create sustainable tech products?
  • How does diversity become an asset and not a source of division?
  • How do we ensure that technology is being used for sustainable purposes?

To get a versatile debate we hope to see a diverse audience, so please bring your fellow students, friends, granddad or mother in law – everyone is welcome!

We are lucky to have a group of experts to participate in the debate:

  • Jacob Sherson, Aarhus University
    • Jacob Sherson works in the cross field between humans and technology when he rethinks citizen science through gamification and artificial intelligence.
  • Theresa Høgenhaug, Special Minds
    • Special Minds is an IT company with consultants with autism and similar competencies employed. They work for software companies like Systematic, Logimatic, DXC Technology, Visiolink, and many more. Theresa has co-founded two start-ups, worked at Maersk and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark before she chose to join this social impact company. She is a popular key note speaker on the SDGs, development, and sustainability.
  • Helene Aagaard, GoGetty
    • GoGetty is built on the vision that we can strengthen the push for diversity and inclusion in companies, as well as the society as a whole through digitisation and by making data on diversity and inclusion easily accessible to both talents, authorities and companies.
  • Sine Zambach, author of the book ‘Kvinde kend din kode’ (‘A womans code book’)
    • As a data analyst Sine Zambach is a female role model through organisations like Coding Pirate and DigiPippi. She is also the author of the book, ‘Kvinde kend din kode’, on programming but with more diverse (and maybe feminine) examples on programming than is commonly seen in introductory books.
  • Nikhita Ghugari and Swar Raisinghani, Xeno Co-lab
    • Nikhita Ghugari and Swar Raisinghani are the Co-founders at Xeno Co-lab, a service design consultancy based in India. Nikhita is a trained product designer with keen interest in user-centric and application orientated design thinking & business innovation. Swar has a deep understanding of human-centered design and holds a degree in Design for Social Innovation.
  • Ida Reinholdt Jensen, Humanister i Erhvervslivet
    • ‘Humanister i Erhversvlivet’ (HiE) is an organisation from students to students of Aarhus University. HiE believe that there is a need for students of humanities to learn skills from the business sector, and for companies in Aarhus to know the qualities of humanities.