Tue May 04 // 10:00 - 11:40


Trust & Tech



IWDK Official Opening

Join us online for IWDK's 2021 opening event featuring EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager and a host of others who will discuss the essential role between Trust & Tech // Today & tomorrow.

Key Take-aways

  • Be inspired by policy makers, innovators and digital thought leaders
  • Learn about the latest digital developments in business, politics and society
  • Explore the important relationship between trust and technology - today and in the future

IWDK’s Official Opening event is one of the highlights of the IWDK festival week, and this year is no exception.

The opening event will feature a line of speakers and inspiring cases that illustrate the relationship between technology’s rapid development and the importance of maintaining social trust.

  • How do we keep people first in the digital age?
  • How can we better educate and prepare ourselves for the digital future?
  • How can we ensure an environment where digital development can flourish without sacrificing individual rights and personal freedoms?
  • What can Denmark learn from the world – and what can Denmark teach other nations?

The opening event brings together an international panel of experts, policy makers, business leaders, educators and citizens to discuss how Denmark can maintain a leading role in global digital innovation. It is the start of a full week of events that will take place online this year. Explore other IWDK events here.



10.00-10.05: Moderator Brian Woodward


10.05-10.20:  Jacob Bundsgaard, Aarhus Mayor

Jacob Bundsgaard will host and open IWDK21 officially.

10.20-10.40: André Rogaczewski, CEO/co-founder at Netcompany

“We have a lot to be proud of and fight for in Denmark. As a society and as a business. Right now we’re facing a quantum leap, and it has nothing to do with money. It has something to do with courage and visions. The crisis has just shown how resilient we are and that every challenge, regardless of size, must be answered with creativity, courage and drive. It is now time for us to act.”

10.40-10.45: VIDEO BREAK

10.45-11.15: Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition and Executive Vice President for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age (live stream from Bruxelles)

”It’s a pity that we can’t be together in person. But it’s important that we can still meet. Because change is coming at us fast, and keeping Europe on the frontier of technology is important. So open forums like this play an important civic role in bringing businesses, educational institutions, political leaders and citizens together to learn, discuss and set a path for the future.”

11.15-11.35: Jillian York, Director for International Freedom of Expression

“What does it mean for the world’s citizens when our right to expression is controlled by a handful of corporations? And what can we do to fight back?”. In this talk, writer Jillian C. York will discuss how we got here… and what we can do to create a better future online.

11.35-11.40: Thank you and see you at other IWDK events


The event will be livestreamed and is open to all, but requires registration by clicking the “Attend Stream” button on this page.

Register today, mark the date in your calendar and you will soon receive a link to the livestream for the event.

We’ll see you at the IWDK Official Opening 2021!


Photo: Margrethe Vestager, Photographer: Stine Heilmann

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