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How to facilitate a people-driven digital transformation

Digital transformation is an inevitable change for many. But what can be done to promote a people-first digital transformation within organisations and teams?

Key Take-aways

  • Learn what a people-driven digital transformation is
  • Find out how to drive the change with a digital mindset rooted in your organisation
  • Learn how change can develop your organisation's narrative without replacing it

In the midst of an accelerated digitalisation of almost every business or social service, teams and organisations have suddenly found themselves pushed to adapt at an incredible speed. The new, innovative tools and software solutions have come to the rescue of many who needed to adapt to a virtual world as employers, co-workers, service providers, or even cultural and educational institutions.

If you or your team go through these changes and don’t know how to integrate them into your strategy or brand narrative, you are not alone. The sudden digital changes raised the question of how they can influence your organisational identities in the long term. We invite you to reflect on this issue and learn how to stay people-focused while driving digital changes and developing a rooted digital mindset.

Join Klaus Sommer Paulsen in a different event during Internet Week Denmark, where we don’t focus as much on technology as we do on human dynamics.


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