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Digital transformation i danske SMV’er // The SME fast track to digital transformation

We all know AirBnB, Facebook and Uber. However, these cases don't resonate all that well with Danish SME's. Instead, we are bringing the cases that do. Including the what, the how & the who.

Key Take-aways

  • A great line-up of speakers focusing on opportunities instead of threats, strengths instead of weaknesses
  • The most recent research on the state of digital transformation in Danish SMEs
  • A range of relatable, attainable and inspiring cases from SMEs who have embarked on their digital journey
  • Inspiration and opportunities to meet others who are working with digital transformation

The SME fast track to digital transformation

Getting tired of The Usual Suspects? We all know AirBnB, Facebook and Uber. We also know Blockbuster, Nokia and Kodak. Actually, it’s hard attending a conference without anyone mentioning these 6 best known examples of disruption.

However, AirBnB, Facebook and Uber don’t always resonate with the everyday life in an SME, and we need to start telling other stories in order to get the Danish SMEs on the fast track to the digital transformation.

The SMEs in Denmark have so much going for them. From a general perspective, Danish SMEs are agile and able to act very fast to changes in their environment, they have great stakeholder relations and are close to their clients, and they have a highly skilled workforce as well as access to a high end digital infrastructure that not a lot of countries can keep up with.

So, this track is for the SMEs who are ready to embark on the digital journey. We are aiming to answer the why, the what and the how from an SME perspective, bringing in speakers and case stories that are both inspiring, relatable, and attainable if you run an SME.

Key questions to be addressed:

  • We all know the weaknesses in re to digital transformation – but what are the strengths for Danish SMEs?
  • We all know the threats in re to digital transformation – but what are the opportunities for Danish SMEs?

Join us if you are:

  • Owner or board member of an SME
  • Part of the management team in an SME, working on the digital transformation agenda
  • Employed in an SME, struggling to get digital transformation on the strategic agenda
  • Curious about the state of digital transformation in the SMEs


9.00 – 9.15: Velkommen

9.15 – 9.45: Erhvervsstyrelsen om vigtigheden af, at SMV’erne kommer med på den digitale transformation // Lars Bønløkke Lê

9.45 – 10.15: IoT: Nu giver tågekanonerne selv besked, når de skal serviceres // Poul Dalsgaard

10.15-10.30: Pause

10.30 – 11.15: Digitaliseringsrejsen hos Pieter Mouritsen A/S // Helle Rind Møller 

11.15 – 12.00: Digital crowdsourcing & innovation med Enemærke & Petersen A/S  // Anders Strange Sørensen

Frokost 12.00 – 12.45

12.45 – 13.15: Virtual, Augmented og Mixed Reality for SMV’er // Mads Troelsgaard, Unity Studios

13.15 – 13.45: Sådan kan du som SMV bruge droneteknologi // Mikkel Fenneberg 

13.45 – 14.00: Pause

14.00 – 14.45:   Sæt strøm til marketing og salg med inbound marketing // Casper Svoldgaard

14.45 – 15.30: SMV-bestyrelsens rolle som digital katalysator // Mette Neville, Center for SMV på Aarhus BSS

15.30 – 15.50: Sprint dig til digital transformation // Linda Lagoni

15.50: Afrunding og tusind tak for i dag