Wed May 05 // 13:00 - 14:00


Big Ideas



Everybody talks about diversity but what can you do?

"What can you and I do to be more inclusive tomorrow?”

Key Take-aways

  • A framework for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Use yourself and your life as a case study (mini exercise)
  • Actionable advice

We have heard of – maybe even experienced ourselves or simply joined a demonstration –  ESG, SDG, #metoo, Black Lives Matter, International Women Day, fake news, and much more. In the startup world, we see LPs (investors who invest in investment funds) starting to measure VCs (investment funds) not only on financial return but also on environmental, social and governance impact, which again has initiated VCs working to help startups focus upon these areas (without being an extra reporting burden for founders).  

End result is more and more are asking themselves how they can contribute positively to society, business and startup by putting humans first. Let’s ask ourselves, the panel and each other 5 May 13.00 @Big Ideas Stage: 


13.00: A personal story – Taking on DEI

A short personal story about rising to the debate of inequality but also about being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start and more importantly how-to make an actual difference.  

13.15: Panel discussion – More DEI perspectives

Panel debate with actionable advice for individuals and how individuals can influence their organisation to become more equitable. With the impressive panel of Helle Uth (Co-Founder & General Partner of PreSeed Ventures), Geet Khosla (tech entrepreneur and advisor), and Zenia W. Francker.

13.45: Questions from the audience  

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