Thu May 06 // 08:00 - 08:45





Attracting Global Talent in a Time of Digital Distance

Attracting global talent is a challenge. This event will show you, through data and experience, where to find your next digital talent and how to grab their attention.

Key Take-aways

  • What does data tell us about who is interested and who gets hired?
  • Where do we find relevant international talent and which channels convert hires?
  • What messages does international talent respond to?
  • How you can build up an efficient talent attraction campaign

Bring your morning coffee to the screen and join us when we dive into years worth of tested and tried data. We have invited Digital Specialist Alexandra Knowles who is the architect behind a series of global recruiting campaigns – the State-of-Denmark campaigns.


The effective campaigns are helping SMV’s, as well as large corporations, find the right candidates to match open positions that are otherwise hard to fill. Attracting an avg. of 15 million views pr. campaign and a total of +50.000 candidates subscribed to receive more career news from Denmark, the campaigns’ success are built from data – data, which will be shared with you at this event.  


Digital talents are scarce. Many companies are fighting over the small pool of digital talents, we educate here in Denmark. Therefore, looking outside of our borders is now necessary. But where do you find the right talents? And how can you grab their attention? That’s what we will discover and discuss at this event.

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