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ARducation – business education with augmented reality

Augmented Reality has entered retail to convince and entertain customers, to explain products and to train experts. Recently, AR has come to vocational education to promote business and administration.

Key Take-aways

  • Getting in touch with a new AR-pulse in sales
  • Experiencing brand-new teaching methods with AR
  • Knowledge about the AR-trend behind

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the current growth technologies with a high potential for many trades, and especially the retail sector.

Extending the real world with a layer of informative or entertaining elements brings added value. Shopping experiences can be lifted, technical explanations can be eased, and consumer groups can be met in new ways. In teaching and training, learning styles can be triggered in new ways, and trainings can be improved.

All this calls for implementation of AR in vocational education of the sales and marketing staff, as well as the illustration of technical processes.

The speakers will give insight into commercial and educational aspects:

  • Farmer´s Window is the first in the world to bridge the gap between producers and consumers by utilizing livestreaming through augmented reality: “As a customer, I can directly see the hens which have laid the eggs I am buying by just pointing my phone towards the eggs.” Farmer´s Window has a patent pending for the technology behind combining AR with livestreaming.
  • Vocational College Vestfyn runs the Southern Danish innovation project ARducation. Up to 10,000 students are involved in learning processes with AR and thus, get challenged and extended their STEM competences. The teachers create courses integrating AR, both in technical subjects and interdisciplinarily. Normal teaching content comes alive, when the students for example apply AR for illustrating a city map, for exploring theoretical business models or simply for presenting themselves to future work places.

Moeve will introduce to ARducation and facilitate the event. There will be a chance for interactivity and exploration of some of the technologies.


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