Apply for 'Big Ideas Stage'

– Do you have an idea for an event or talk at IWDK?
– We provide a professional production to make it shine.


If you are a registered partner or want to become a partner for this year’s festival: You can apply to enter our Big Ideas Stage. Here we provide you with a professional setup that features venue, stage, equipment and production crew to help make your contribution look top notch. We provide the professional setup – you provide the content and the speakers.

Your event or talk will be highlighted in the IWDK event program and showcased on our social media  – and you will receive a copy of the event to use on your own channels, too.

In the application proces you can choose between two different productions:


  Live Spot

A Live spot is where your organization can get an event in our program that is live streamed from a studio during the festival week. This live studio production gives you the framework to host an event about your exact topic with your speakers.

  • 8 Live Spots in total ~ 30-60 minutes for each
  • Location for speakers: Filmby Aarhus
  • Live streamed 5. may and 6. may during IWDK at Big Ideas Stage
  • An organization that wants to bring focus to a tech-project, tech-theme or Big Idea – about the future of the internet.


  Hardtalk Spot

A Hardtalk Spot is where you deliver a 10 minutes presentation revolving a project / topic that is your contribution to the IWDK theme. Afterwards our IWDK host (Tech Journalist Anders Høeg Nissen) interviews you for 15-20 minutes about your project / topic and the IWDK theme. In contrary to a Live Spot, a Hardtalk is preproduced (recorded) at Filmby Aarhus three weeks before the festival.

  • 4 hardtalks in total ~ 25-30 minutes for each
  • Preproduced 13. april at Filmby Aarhus
  • Broadcasted 7. may during IWDK at Big Ideas Stage
  • An organization or speaker who wants to bring forward a Big Idea through a short talk – about the future of the internet.