IWDK (Internet Week Denmark) started as an idea in 2013: A festival celebrating the internet. It has since then evolved every year, and today we are focusing on where technology takes us.

With a six days digital festival, and more than 10.000 participating guests we ‘put people first in the digital age’ and discuss our digital future.

The festival showcases the many opportunities the internet opens up for our citizens and our businesses. But IWDK is also a forum where we can articulate and debate the challenges digital technologies present to our society.

Companies, educational institutions, networks, and individuals contribute to IWDK by hosting events and giving direct funding and services. The festival is crowd-sourced and only exists because of our great partners and event organizers! 

This year’s festival takes place from May 4 – 9, 2021 and is fully virtual through IWDK Virtual Experience. There are events for everyone and it’s all free. IWDK is a week of knowledge-sharing, learning, social meetings, and networking. And the best part is – everyone’s invited.


People First in the Digital Age

IWDK is a place to increase digital knowledge. Scandinavia holds a strong tradition of listening, learning and collaborating, and the festival enforces these principles. With the people – call them users or consumers – as the center of our attention, we are exploring how technology affects our lives and the way we do business.

The festival is a great opportunity to share business cases, discuss the digital future, network with existing and new connections within the overall festival theme: Trust and Tech // Today and Tomorrow. It’s our mission to connect businesses, creative and social leaders with entrepreneurs, opinion-makers and citizens in shaping the digital age.

During IWDK we share knowledge and exchange perspectives. To help man and machine bring out the best in each other. To make a smarter tomorrow with more innovative products, greater services, faster systems, more profitable businesses, and more sustainable solutions.


Powered by DigitalLead

IWDK is powered and operated by the national Danish cluster for digital technologies – DigitalLead – that functions as a central collaborative point for digital innovation. DigitalLead has a focus on companies that develop digital solutions, as well as for other sectors that need innovative digital solutions.

DigitalLead is a unique platform for innovation and growth in the interaction between business, research and educational institutions, public authorities and citizens. Visit DigitalLead and its specialized events here.