IWDK Tech Festival showcases the many opportunities the internet opens up for our citizens and our businesses. But IWDK is also a forum where we can articulate and debate the challenges digital technologies present to our society. With a six day digital festival, and more than 10.000 participating guests we wish to ‘tech it forward’ by sharing experiences and knowledge in order to find new solutions through tech. 

IWDK Tech Festival 2022 takes place from May 3 – 8, 2022 and is a hybrid festival, with a mix of physical events and live streaming. This year it’s a little different as we want to take technology and society forward by calling for action through tech innovation and high quality happenings.

Tech it forward

Every year the festival continues to grow and this year is no exception. From the very beginning, IWDK has been all about the ecosystem in Aarhus and how we can break down boundaries and collaborate in even stronger directions with a higher output. 

With this year’s theme – TECH IT FORWARD, we ask you to join us on a search to take action on talks, debates & real action. Let’s create and take our society forward through tech innovation. 

IWDK22 will also be different because this year we are proud to present three different track partners who, throughout the festival, will be leading their own tech track: Green Tech, Entrepreneur and Citizen. This is how we ensure that all interests and networks are taken into account, with the obvious opportunity of gaining insights within different interdisciplinary industries, sharing knowledge and competencies through tech.