By Digital Hub Denmark

This is an extract from the IWDK21 Magazine, See Digital Hub Denmark and their talk ‘Everybody talks about diversity but what can you do” from IWDK21.

When it comes to job satisfaction among tech talents, Denmark tops the list of the best places to work in Europe – beating the UK, Germany and France – according to the 2020 Digital Talent Global Work Happiness Index.

Denmark is the European country with the happiest tech workers, followed by the UK and Germany. A new study from Digital Hub Denmark and Boston Consulting Group shows that Denmark ranks number one in Europe when it comes to job satisfaction among digital talents. Digital talents living in Denmark scored highly for work-life balance, family-friendly working models, purpose, personal safety and personal impact, which describes how much impact an individual feels they are making to their business. And when considering the fierce global competition of attracting international tech-savvy profiles, CEO at Digital Hub Denmark, Camilla Rygaard-Hjalsted thinks the result is a big win for the Danish tech scene:

“Generation Z is the first generation born in the digital age, and they have technology integrated into their way of thinking and solving problems. These competencies are crucial for Denmark in order to navigate safely through a digital transition, and it is important that we can attract and retain those who have these competencies. We are therefore very pleased that the

Danish approach to a flexible and responsible work life creates a good framework for digital talents.” Digital Hub Denmark works to promote Danish digital solutions in order to attract international digital talents to accelerate growth across digital industries. Early May, Digital Hub Denmark launches an international campaign to attract tech talents across the world. The Nordic approach to leadership is highly valued When looking at the study, one thing is clear: The digital talents seek influence in their work, which is something that suits Denmark’s trust-based work culture really well. But how does Denmark actually foster this culture? The answer is our Nordic approach to leadership. At least, that is Pleo’s take on it. Pleo is a Danish FinTech startup that has demonstrated a strong push in international digital talent acquisition, having up to 80 of these profiles already in their company. “Because of our Nordic leadership philosophy that is based on trust and transparency, the employees feel a certain degree of freedom in their work – both in terms of work-life balance and in work tasks. It is a leadership style that allows the employees to have influence and to develop their skills professionally; something that really harmonises with the digital workforce and what they value,” says Jeppe Rindom, CEO at Pleo.

“The digital talents seeks influence in their work, which is something that suits Denmark’s trust-based work culture really well. – Aimee Van De Schoor

This approach is something the international tech talents can relate to when joining Pleo. Aimee van de Schoor, Senior Product Manager at Pleo, is one of the international employees that Pleo has managed to attract and keep: “The work culture here at Pleo is very trusting and transparent. The hierarchy in the organisation is very low, which gives the employees quite a lot of responsibility and influence. I’m starting to understand that this is very common for Danish companies. You feel that even though we each have our individual goals, there is an incredible sense of collaboration and support for one another, in order to lift the company as a whole,” Aimee van de Schoor says