IWDK21: A focus on diversity

By Nicolai Fast Sørensen

IWDK was more than 5.990 minutes of content and over 85 events. We bet you haven’t seen every waking moment from IWDK21. At the virtual platform or the IWDK talks section, browse through all events, relive the greatest moments or experience it all for the first time.

To truly inspire you, let’s dive deep into a topic which was widely debated at IWDK21: Diversity and how to be inclusive in tech.

To shake up the status quo and take action, we need to understand it. In their talk ‘Everybody talks about diversity but what can you do?‘ Digital Hub Denmark gave valuable tips on what diversity is, how to reflect on your own views and debated actionable advice on how you can influence your organisation to become more equitable.

Studies have shown that diverse boards and companies are more innovative. At ‘Flere Digitale Profiler i de danske bestyrelser‘, Laura Vilsbæk gave tips on how to ensure more digital profiles a board spot. At ‘Denmark as women entrepreneur frontrunner‘ Tech Nordic Advocates addressed their first of a kind international growth programme for Danish female tech founders in a panel discussion.

Lastly, at ‘Kids’ Education: Problemerne med køn i gaming – og hvordan vi løser dem‘ Center for Digital Youth Care introduced us to female gamers and the stereotypical views, the challenges they meet and how we can solve it.