Internet Week Denmark: Recap Day 1

By Nicolai Fast Sørensen

With both feelings of anxiety and jitters, we eagerly awaited the launch of this year’s Internet Week Denmark.

For the first time in a virtual setting, with four stages with all different content and a lovely digital platform.

Being virtual on a newly developed crisp platform brings new dimensions to the IWDK setup. For the first time, you can experience all of our content the day after it have aired. So don’t feel sorry if you missed the opening with Margrethe Vestager, want to recap valid arguments from Digitalt Topmøde or time to focus on Kids Tech.

The Official Opening

We get by with a little help from our friends, and yesterday was no exception. The team at NTT Data Business Solutions and their robot family helped craft an opening that set the stage for our future with intelligent technology and AI.

Followed by the Official Opening Event by Jacob Bundsgaard where he set the sight on our trust in technology, and how important it is maintain in our future society. In case you missed the speeches from Margrethe Vestager, André Rogaczewski and Jillian C. York rewatch it here.

The first ever Digitalt Topmøde

“”Politicians must very clearly communicate why digitization and how this exercise benefits citizens.”

Professor Gert Thinggaard Svendsen opened the first ever IWDK Digital Roundtable. Where politicians and people in business gave their perspectives on privacy, cybersecurity and the future of digitalization. If your missed some of the statements, you can rewatch it here

Danmark Største Tech-banko

We ended the day with wisecracking robots, festive hosts and more than 80 enclaves on the other side of the screen. Danmarks Største Tech-banko celebrated technology and put the social back into virtual events. Relive the jokes from pernille and the lovely banter right here as well.

Kids Tech & Gaming Stage and the Community Stage were off to a great start after some smaller difficulties and with over 2000 users decided to visit us the first day. In case you missed anything from yesterday’s stages, head on over to the virtual platform, access the program, tap on the day, find tuesday, and press the plus, next to the. More than 16 different talks from day 1, awaits you.