IWDK Inside-Out: Amélie Drouet from Headstart Career & John Schmidt from Genie Corp.

By Anne la Cour Thysen

In IWDK Inside-Out some of our great and amazing speakers, briefly, unfold their perspectives on tech and data in our society. Moreover, you’ll get a sneak peak on, what they are going to tell you about on their IWDK-event.

We wrap up IWDK Inside-Out with a special edition!

This time, you’ll meet two speakers from our community: Amélie Drouet, Communications Specialist at Headstart Career, and John Schmidt, Owner of Genie Corp. Friday 7 May, they will focus on and discuss, why trust is vital in our communication, and how trust can be established in digital communications. Moreover, Stinne Bille, Program Leader at Headstart Career, will take part in the event. Sign up for the event here!

Q: What do you connect with this year’s IWDK-theme “Trust & Tech // Today & Tomorrow?
Amélie: Tech has nearly an unlimited potential. But the potential can only be unlocked, if we trust in tech solutions, the people behind them, and each other as users.

John: We are constantly setting our footprints, and both directly and indirectly we are throwing around our personal data. Our personal data nourish the algorithms, which in return bring personalized content suited exactly for us as individuals.

The sharing of data brings questions about trust, and how data are (mis)used in reality. In relation to algorithms and marketing, what does tomorrow look like, when e.g., Apple shortly rolls out the newest version of iOS? It is a version, which sharpens the data security, and limits the corporations’ data insights. May this, possibly, cause that corporations must return to elder virtues of marketing?


Q: What are you going to talk about on your event at IWDK, and why do you want to contribute to networking and knowledge sharing during the festival?
Amélie: Our event is about trust and distrust when communicating digitally – and especially on social media. Social media is an amazing tool to connect people across the globe, but it is increasingly difficult to navigate and identify truth from lies. Can we fill it with more authentic messages?

John: I think, it is important to focus on, how confident Danes are qua our welfare system. Moreover, we must focus on, what corporations should do in order to make their digital communication (more) confident.


Q: What do you consider as the advantages about technology and ‘datafication’ in regard to the societal development?
John: It is a huge advantage that technologies make knowledge sharing possible across time and space. We have access to infinite amounts of information because of technology! Also, as an internet user, I consider datafication as a big advantage in that sense, I become more exposed to content, I am interested in.

Amélie: In my opinion, it is advantageous that technology, and data can help human beings to make more rational decisions, and minimize errors, which bring incredible assets in many fields – e.g., healthcare, road safety, climate…


Q: Which problem is important to concern in relation to the use and implementation of tech and data?
Amélie: Clear and transparent guidelines regarding, who has access to the specific data, and when and why are the data accessible? These questions are essential to protect privacy, but also to build a fundament of trust for both private people and organizations in order to be willing to share their data.

John: Datafication can be considered as a factor of power, which in some respect requires ethical considerations. Furthermore, there’s the questions about fake news, digital formation, and issues related to people, who are not born and raised in the digital age, and, maybe, do not know how to commit online.


Q: Which topics are you looking forward to dive into during IWDK? Are you attending other events at the festival?
Amélie: As a tech enthusiast and an environmentally conscious person, I look forward to hearing more about green tech solutions, Danish sustainable innovation, but also the other side of the coin. And I think that Digital Leads’ “Tech & Sustainability: Trick-or-Treat?” event will be insightful in this regard.

John: Since I run two webshops and help clients, I am going to attend events, which give me knowledge about this field. Also, I want to dive into Augmented Reality (AR), which we see as a great tendency of the future.


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