IWDK Inside-Out: Ole Østergaard from Klean

By Anne la Cour Thysen

In IWDK Inside-Out some of our great and amazing speakers, briefly, unfold their perspectives on tech and data in our society. Moreover, you’ll get a sneak peak on, what they are going to tell you about on their IWDK-event. 


On this IWDK Inside-Out, the Management Consultant & Partner at Klean, Ole Østergaard, shares his thoughts about trust, and tech. On the Community Stage, Ole and his co-speaker, Karsten Bove from Aarhus Havn, are going to unfold the interdependence between human beings, organizational development, and digitalization. Also, they will discuss the issues and opportunities of technology in organizations. Sign up here

Q: What do you connect with this year’s IWDK-theme “Trust & Tech // Today & Tomorrow?
A: First of all, the trust lies between human beings, who use technology to change and strength their business, and human beings who deliver these technological solutions. In my opinion, the value of this meeting depends on the level of the parts’ trust in each other. Everybody cannot be technical experts and that’s why we have to trust those, who are.


Q: What are you going to talk about on your event at IWDK, and why do you want to contribute to networking and knowledge sharing during the festival?
A: Our event focuses on, how to manage digital projects in a well-defined and clear direction. We are going to discuss, how you ensure a management’s certain technological intuition, and how you connect the decisions and prioritizes with the certain project. I am happy that Karsten Bove from Aarhus Havn wants to participate on the event and share his perspectives on digital business development regarding experiences with consumer and employee involvement.


Q: What do you consider as the advantages about technology and ‘datafication’ in regard to the societal development?
A: There is always a front and a back. In the field of tech, the most advantageous and fascinating can be the most terrifying as well. However, democratization, transparency, self-service, and efficiency are definitely advantages. This means that technology can take over some tasks, and we will get the opportunity and time to act more like human beings.


Q: Which problem is important to concern in relation to the use and implementation of tech and data?
A: With above mentioned in mind, there is a reason, why cybersecurity is on top of the societal agenda. So, the other side of the coin regards the ethical perspective; we must not be blinded by the opportunities. Critical thinking is necessary.


Q: Which topics are you looking forward to dive into during IWDK? Are you attending other events at the festival?
A: At the moment, I have not subscribed for other events, but I am interested in events about organizational culture, AI, and security.

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