IWDK Inside-Out: Javier Esteves from C-Cube/Aarhus Soup

By Anne la Cour Thysen

In IWDK Inside-Out some of our great and amazing speakers, briefly, unfold their perspectives on tech and data in our society. Moreover, you’ll get a sneak peak on, what they are going to tell you about on their IWDK-event. 


Today, Javier Esteves, Social Entrepreneur at C-Cube, has the word. On Community Stage, Javier is hosting the grassroots crowdfunding event, Aarhus Soup. This concept unfolds and discuss, how e.g., culture, local communities, and innovative community projects can be supported. Sign up here!

Q: What do you connect with this year’s IWDK-theme “Trust & Tech // Today & Tomorrow?
A: We perceive the need to insist on a crucial conversation, where human capacity for technical innovation gets pared down with human inconsistency for sustainable, ethical behavior.


Q: What are you going to talk about on your event at IWDK, and why do you want to contribute to networking and knowledge sharing during the festival?
A: We will talk very little, and instead giving of space to four project-makers from Aarhus, who will put forward their projects related to IWDK’S main topic. This should provide extra visibility and awareness about, what our neighbors are trying to achieve.


Q: What do you consider as the advantages about technology and ‘datafication’ in regard to the societal development?
A: We believe that both technology, and data are symbiotic, and a bigger investment of time and patience have been made for the primary technical, compared to the primarily societal. A rebalance is needed for any data-based perks to staying so instead of backlashing.


Q: Which problem is important to concern in relation to the use and implementation of tech and data?
A: It is essential to concern the evaluation of what effects any IT development has on the larger audience regarding their levels of awareness and solidarity. A lack of such pondering leads us into more myth-based bubbles, which only funnel back into suspicious sources of power at the cost of many good-willed stakeholders.


Q: Which topics are you looking forward to dive into during IWDK? Are you attending other events at the festival?
A: We are interested in all the “non-for-experts” spectrum of content in IWDK. Especially after seeing, how damaging it is for people to have low digital literacy levels compared to, how experts are catered and addressed.

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