IWDK Inside-Out: Paw Bæk Hansen from dentsu

By Anne la Cour Thysen

In IWDK Inside-Out some of our great and amazing speakers, briefly, unfold their perspectives on tech and data in our society. Moreover, you’ll get a sneak peak on, what they are going to tell you about on their IWDK-event.


This week we have talked to Paw Bæk Hansen, Strategy Director at dentsu. Paw develops strategies for clients based on data, analyses, and consumer trends. dentsu is hosting a trend study at the Community Stage. Sign up here!

Q: What do you connect with this year’s IWDK-theme “Trust & Tech // Today & Tomorrow?
A: That trust is inevitably associated with closeness and distance. We trust, what is close to us, and we are skeptical of what is further away. Technology brings both the familiar and the foreign into our private sphere, and we are forced to trust that both want the best for us.


Q: What are you going to talk about on your event at IWDK, and why do you want to contribute to networking and knowledge sharing during the festival?
A: My colleague, Julie Daugaard, and I will present the biggest consumer trends for 2021 from a marketing perspective. Our desire is to highlight, how marketing still has a legitimacy during and after COVID-19, where Danes are still willing to buy. But also to highlight, how customers demand experiences that reflect society and not just a simple money transaction.


Q: What do you consider as the advantages about technology and ‘datafication’ in regard to the societal development?
A: Technology and data not only offer opportunities to do something good for the planet. E.g., my professional travel time in the future will be minimized, as online meetings are now accepted as a standard. Technology also offers opportunities to do something good for us as humans. Imagine that COVID-19 hit us in the middle of the last century, and we were forced to isolate ourselves, without the technological capabilities to maintain social connections. We can curse the development of technology, but stagnation as an alternative would, after all, be a sad future.


Q: Which problem is important to concern in relation to the use and implementation of tech and data?
A: We are still human beings made of flesh and blood. We are not only bobbing heads in an online meeting, but that we also have bodies. Therefore, tech and data solutions must consider both our mental and physical condition. A healthy soul in a healthy body should not only be a dictum in our gyms, but also in the world of tech and data.


Q: Which topics are you looking forward to dive into during IWDK? Are you attending other events at the festival?
A: It’s probably not surprising that ‘health’ is at the top of my list when we are in the situation that we are. COVID-19 has created a crisis, which at present is more health-oriented than economic. There is most likely a big financial bill to be paid by us all at some point, but here and now I would like to be inspired by how tech has made a difference to our health.

‘Sustainability’ is another topic that interests me. Also, because we at dentsu are developing a consumer study that uncovers the Danes’ attitudes to the subject and the expectations they have for brands that want to be sustainable – and it could be exciting to hear more about the role of tech in sustainability.

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