IWDK Inside-Out: Laura Vilsbæk Olesen from Nyibestyrelsen.dk

By Anne la Cour Thysen

In IWDK Inside-Out some of our great and amazing speakers, briefly, unfold their perspectives on tech and data in our society. Moreover, you’ll get a sneak peak on, what they are going to tell you about on their IWDK-event.


The first speaker, we want to introduce, is Laura Vilsbæk Olesen, founder of Nyibestyrelsen.dk, Author, and Board Member. Laura’s mission is to make the especially SMB’s aware of the necessity in profile diversity on Management Boards. With this point of departure, Laura is hosting an event about digital profiles on IWDK’s Community Stage. Sign up here!

Q: What do you connect with this year’s IWDK-theme “Trust & Tech // Today & Tomorrow?
A: That Technology is not just technology. New technologies bring a lot of implications, which we have to take deeply seriously. Moreover, the theme makes me think about that the technology points forward and participates in the creation of the future, we want to witness and live in.


Q: What are you going to talk about on your event at IWDK, and why do you want to contribute to networking and knowledge sharing during the festival?
A: I want to focus on, how boards put the digital aspect on the strategic agenda. Too much money is wasted, and too many inappropriate decisions are made, if boards does not understand the digital agenda.


Q: Which topics are you looking forward to dive into during IWDK? Are you attending other events at the festival?
A: Definitely, I will attend Margrethe Vestager’s official festival opening. She is a huge inspiration. Both because she is a woman, who have reached the top, but also because she is not afraid to represent the unpopular position and keep the eyes on the tech-giants.


Q: What do you consider as the advantages about technology and ‘datafication’ in regard to the societal development?
A: That new technology and intelligent use of data bring a lot of new possibilities in order to do things better, faster, funnier, and smarter. There are so many positive possibilities, if we understand to keep the dystopia away, and work cleverly and constructively with all the challenges.


Q: Which problem is important to concern in relation to the use and implementation of tech and data?
A: We shall never develop digital solution just for the sake of digitalization. Tech and data should contribute positively to the human beings’ life, whenever we talk about privacy or the public or political agenda.


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