Introducing the Kids’ Tech and Gaming Stage

By Nicolai Fast Sørensen

Experience an exciting world of games, technology and digital learning at this year’s IWDK

When Denmark’s largest tech festival, Internet Week Denmark, is held digitally on 4 – 9 May, it will take place with Center for Digital Pædagogik as responsible for the festival’s citizen-oriented events. On the Kids ’Tech and Gaming stage, young people, parents and professionals can expect a streak of interesting and free events about children and young people’s relationship with gaming and digital media.

It is impossible to talk about technology without also discussing the way it is being used. For the past 16 years, CfDP has specialized in using digital media as a counseling tool for children and young people, as well as researching and describing the digital everyday life in which they live.

Therefore, we are pleased that this year they will be responsible for the citizen-oriented events for IWDK, which has established itself as Denmark’s largest festival for IT technology. CfDP’s task will be to focus on children and young people’s use of digital media and the influence that smartphones, social media and computer games have on them:

“Gaming and esports is an area that interests a lot of the lives of children and young people – and not least the lives of their parents. Throughout the week, we will primarily focus on the joy, knowledge and learning in connection with gaming and e-sports, but at the same time also shed light on the challenges that may arise when children and young people throw themselves into free play on digital media, “says Anni Marquard from CfDP.

A partnership that makes sense
Several of CfDP’s employees have regularly participated in events under IWDK in recent years, and both parties see the new collaboration as obvious and a gain for the audience and other participants in the festival. IT, technology and focus on digital well-being among children and young people go hand in hand, says IWDK’s newly appointed director Randi Vestergaard:

“CfDP has a specialized and long-standing knowledge of what fills among children and young people for better or worse when they go online. CfDP thus plays a key role in equipping children and young people for life characterized by digitalisation, and we are pleased to be able to put that experience into play with CfDP as responsible for activities targeted at this particular target group under IWDK ”

2021 stands for gaming – online, of course
For this year’s edition of the festival, the theme is gaming and esports: What games are good, what do the games give children and young people, and what should you as an adult be aware of if you have a boy or a girl who plays a lot?

You can for example become wiser about skins – cosmetic upgrades in computer games – and the growing crime that comes with it being stolen from children and young people with major financial and psychological consequences. There will also be events focusing on esports and the new, digital superstars we have got in athletes in the digital competitions here at home.

Due to COVID-19’s continued grip on society, the organizers have chosen to move the entire festival online so that all events and arrangements can be viewed from home – or perhaps from the class or workplace. The IWDK team has built an innovative platform that brings the digital presentations and workshops to life in an unprecedented way.

You can find the festival and mark your interest in the events on the Kids’ Tech & Gaming Stage.

We recommend taking a closer look at our friends from CfDP and the events will be featured in Danish.