Event Registration for IWDK now open

By Brian Woodward

The IWDK Event Registration is now open for anyone who wants to hold a virtual event.

IWDK will be held as a virtual festival this year from May 4-9, 2021, and your organisation can be a part of the official program by visiting the website and registering your event. 

Read more about this year’s “virtual festival” where visitors from all over the world can experience your event online and stay tuned for updates in the days to come.

Based in and around Denmark’s top university and research community, IWDK is also the perfect stage for learning about and discussing how to keep people first in the digital age.

By organising an event, you can be part of Denmark’s most unique, most inclusive tech festival.  It’s free and can help your organization:

Showcase your offerings 

  • Businesses host events to showcase their offerings, create new leads and find new talent.
  • Clubs do it to find new members
  • And schools and cultural institutions host events that make us think about how tech is shaping our future. 

Tell your story and let people know what exciting things your organisation is doing.

Share Knowledge 

  • Maybe you want to promote a future project or even launch a new product?
  • Hosting an IWDK event can help you show it off and inspire people to be a part of what you are doing.
  • You can also host a workshop and let everyone be involved.

Be the center of action on the topics that matter to you and share your passion. 


  • Meet with the most relevant professionals in the digital community in Denmark.
  • You might even find collaborations to help your company reach new levels.
  • Connect with- and be inspired by- our speakers. 

Have fun!

IWDK events don’t have to be all work and no play. In fact, many organizations use the festival week to host virtual open houses, online social events and even virtual parties.  Creativity and imagination are the only limitation.  

About IWDK

Since 2014, the IWDK festival (Internet Week Denmark) has become Denmark’s leading and most unique tech festival. IWDK is a week of activities, most of which are created by the local community and festival participants themselves. IWDK takes place from May 4-9, 2021 in and around Aarhus and is a time to celebrate, discuss and debate the direction that technology is taking society – with a focus on answering the question: “How do we keep people first in the digital age?”  

During the 2019 festival, over 10,000 people participated in 140 IWDK events. In keeping with the strong Danish tradition of participatory democracy and consensus building, the aim is to ensure IWDK remains open and relevant for all.