IWDK Network recap: Crash, Burn and Valuable Insights

By Nicolai Fast Sørensen

On 3 December we here at the IWDK-Team presented our visions for next year’s festival by hosting an online meeting. A first-ever challenge and our first Zoom-broadcast featuring breakout sessions, a Fake News-lecture and clinking champagne celebrations.

What started as a two times covid-canceled event about Fake News evolved into a hybrid, where we presented next year’s festival, activated partners, event-organizers and volunteers and provided valuable takeaways on the matter of Fake News. We eagerly distributed invitations to the meeting, which were followed by a goodie kit sent directly to the participant’s office or home address. Of course with the intent of putting a smile on the lips of our participants. A kit including cava, snacks and sponsored Corona gear and even though we can’t meet up physically, it is still important for us to show appreciation for everyone who wants to join and contribute to next years festival


A day filled with challenges, teamwork and new insights  

The day itself started of with four large crates full of equipment rolling into CFIA on Dokk1. After a thorough setup by Jonas and GetVisual, multiple tests and a backdrop of the wildlife of Aarhus Harbour, the stage was set for an intriguing presentation. In the meantime, a restless Louise walks around, reciting her every line and going over the presentation in every small detail. As we are nearing showtime, 50 participants of all shapes and sizes join the live-stream and we are off to a great start but after a few seconds, the inevitable thing when dealing with online events happens.

A computer crashes, the stream halts and for what, for us anyways, feels like forever our viewers are left disconnected from the stream. At first, the presentation ensues, as we discover the stream has “ended”, panic ensues and after a break, we return online. It would not be the days last obstacle but thankfully every complication gives us valuable insights and Festival Director Louise Overgaard started talking about next year’s exciting new festival. If you are interested in what she presented, see this short video.

To mimic a normal network session, where you meet new connections and work together on fresh insights, we decided to split our viewers into breakout room sessions, with the opportunity for networking, create fresh Sli.do ideas for the festival and join us in a toast for next year’s festival. We are so fortunate to have gotten a lot of great feedback, which we will work hard on implementing in the coming months and feel blessed with all our participants who decided to join us on this new but exciting adventure.