A Virtual Festival Platform is Coming to IWDK21

By Brian Woodward

IWDK, Denmark’s leading tech festival, will launch a virtual platform in 2021 to supplement the week’s in-person events being planned from May 4 -9 in and around the Aarhus region.

“The IWDK21 virtual platform will be an online space where visitors can experience some of the best talks, presentations and debates during IWDK week, all in one place,” says Festival Director Louise Overgaard. “It will also give event planners and festival partners an extra possibility to ensure their events can be held should it be necessary to scale down or cancel in-person events.”

The virtual platform, which is currently under development, will be launched in the weeks up to the IWDK kickoff on May 4th and will be open to all.

“In the coming weeks we will be releasing more details on the virtual platform, how users can find it and what kinds of content and opportunities it will open up for both guests and event organizers – but one thing is for sure, there will be an IWDK21 even if there is still a lot of uncertainty about Covid-19.”

IWDK is an open festival where policy-makers, businesspeople, experts and ordinary citizens meet to discuss and better understand the impact and opportunities technology is creating in society. Following the abrupt cancellation of the 2020 festival due to covid-19 restrictions, Overgaard says working on establishing a way to utilize technology has been a top priority in planning the 2021 festival.

“Understanding the evolution of technology is what IWDK is all about and right now we are all seeing how fast virtual events and online meetings are becoming a part of our everyday lives.  So we are definitely looking forward to being able to present something new this year and trying to just the right balance between how we meet both ‘IRL´and through a ‘URL’,” she says.

About IWDK

Since 2014, the IWDK festival (Internet Week Denmark) has become Denmark’s leading and most unique tech festival. IWDK is a week of activities, most of which are created by the local community and festival participants themselves. IWDK takes place in early May and is a time to celebrate, discuss and debate the direction that technology is taking society with a focus on answering the question: “How do we keep people first in the digital age?”  

During the 2019 festival, over 10,000 people participated in 140 IWDK events. In keeping with the strong Danish tradition of participatory democracy and consensus building, the aim is to ensure IWDK remains open and relevant for all.