Green Tech & Sustainable Cities

By Nicolai Fast Sørensen

In english there is a saying ‘Little strokes fell great oaks’. The meaning of this saying tells us that with persistence and initiating small battles, we are able to create change or conquer the impossible. It’s not an exaggeration that these sayings embody the field of Green Tech. One might say that technology and unity is the axe that we need to cut down the differences in our society. From creating everyday sustainable consumables to finding alternative sources of energy and effective use of the earth’s resources, we as consumers, businesses and society need to change our habits to be more environmentally friendly.

The field of Green Tech is both exciting and a bit frightening. In the media, we are presented with doomed visions about global warming, the impossibility of repairing the damages and in itself change can cause one to panic. But at the same time, Green Thinking allows us to be innovative, initiate a fresh start and stand together in unity.

Green Tech:

On May 6 we are opening the doors on GreenTech Summit. For IWDK2021 we want to gather professionals, businesses and decision-makers to share their knowledge and dreams for a greener future. During the day we strive to present interesting case-studies, green frontrunners and recent scientific knowledge. If we want to succeed with the green transition, we have to act together. That’s why we are searching for partners and event organizers who are intrigued by thinking sustainable and who can contribute in forming a consortium of Green Tech-partners.

If you feel engaged in the sustainable fight contact Jonas on: and help plan this year’s festival.

Over the next four year’s we wish to create a festival track that calls to action and presents a strong, diverse and in-depth overview of the tech that changes the world around us. If we want to succeed with transitioning into a greener future, we have to act – together.

Gain insight at Digital Days 24-27 November

And btw if you want to be inspired in how your company can benefit from green transition and digitalization, our festival operator DigitalLead presents Digital days*.

From 24 – 27 November the online minifestival features sessions on sustainability, nudging and green business models. A perfect kick-off for next year’s IWDK.

See more here: or discover the latest on Green Transition in DigitalLeads quarterly online magazine.

*The streams will be in danish.