Are you one of our new Intern-Ninjas?

By Jonas Sepstrup

For Danish read along here.

With +10,000 participants, 140 talks, workshops and events for both citizens and businesses, Internet Week Denmark (IWDK) – the leading digital festival in Denmark and Scandinavia – is located in Aarhus. The festival takes place on 4.-9. May 2021 with both a physical and online format. This year it will be with the national cluster for digital technologies, DigitalLead, as the festival operator and home of the IWDK team. The planning is already underway. But we are missing you! Watch an exciting video from the festival here, so you hopefully can’t resist the euphoric IWDK feeling.

As one of our two IWDK interns in the spring of 2021, you will be taken on a journey – from apprentice to Ninja – where you over time will become a vital part of the planning and facilitating of IWDK21. You need to put your strength in where your own competencies and interests play a role. Whether it is SoMe, events, logistics, video/text/visual production, online advertising, concept development, or initiator of new ideas. We are well aware that an internship is a test of which way you want to go with your career. That is why we believe that great internal communication and freedom give the best results for everyone. But we also expect that you as a vital part of the team also enters the team with the needed energy.

So charm us with an customized application and the only catch is that we are looking for interns who attend a danish educational institution.


As an Intern-Ninja in communication, you will act as the right hand in the great online SoMe battle. In addition, you will assist in meetings with festival partners, speakers, and the internal team.

Your work will involve:

  • Content-production for our social media, eg:
    • Video: Help with video production, which is a key element of IWDK
    • Text: Write empathetic texts/articles that capture the interest
    • Visuals: Set up graphic elements so that it catches the eye
  • To test new forms of communication and projects
    • A wide range of communication in English to our international audience
    • Organization and execution of the festival
    • And yes we cannot lie, there are also a lot of everyday errands – like all other workplaces.

We expect you to:

  • Have a bit of experience with production to social media
  • Want to learn more about the visual and graphic set-up (eg InDesign, Canva, Premiere Pro)
  • Have an enrollment in education of communication, multimedia design, or journalism.


As an Intern Ninja in events, you will be involved in planning and coordinating the big puzzle that lies in running a festival the size of IWDK. There will be a focus on giving the participants an extraordinary experience both physically and online.

Your work will involve:

  • To plan and coordinate events before and during the festival
    • Recruitment and coordination of volunteers
  • To execute practical tasks for events
  • To develop concepts on new event formats
  • To correspond with local and international speakers
  • To create new and immersive experiences for festival participants
  • And yes we cannot lie, there are also a lot of everyday errands – like all other workplaces

We expect you to:

  • Have a bit of experience with organizing events
  • Be detail-oriented and a knack for coordinating
  • Have an enrollment in education of communication or events.


We are just about to move into DigitalLead’s brand new office in Incubas Erhvervshus on Katrinebjerg, where we are designing a creative and informal work landscape. Most importantly, you become a part of a our social community that also has room for ‘field trips’ and fun on a busy day.

In addition you get:

  • Knowledge on:
    • The latest (digital) trends and technologies
    • Facilitation and logistics of events
    • Programs like: InDesign, Premiere Pro video editing, Facebook Business Manager, WordPress.
  • Assurance that your internship will not be canceled due to Corona
  • Buckets of coffee/tons of fruit
  • Available video equipment
  • Internal communication with a young, professionally strong, and committed team that knows your situation and who is happy to share insights and knowledge.


DigitalLead is the national cluster for digital technologies. The cluster supports the IT industry in developing and ensuring a high ability to innovate in the Danish IT industry. DigitalLead is the operator of the IWDK festival and IWDK is thus one of DigitalLead’s flagship events.

The festival deals with people and technology. Through a week-long festival, we will inform and network about the technological possibilities of the future, but at the same time initiate a discussion about its challenging elements. For example, artificial intelligence and ethics, sustainable technology and tech giants that threaten our democracy. The festival invites politicians, tech nerds and ordinary tech enthusiasts. There are workshops in coding, and debates about fake news (see event catalog from IWDK19 here). If this got you all excited, you have come to the right place.


Send an application to and hear more about the festival or the internship advantages. And NO, an intern-ninja isn’t a metaphor for fetching coffee, we want you to spend your time wisely. So send that application today. Not tomorrow.

We call for interviews as we go. Attach a motivated one page application (Danish or English) and your CV.

Final application day: As soon as possible!

Hours a week: 30 – 37 hours

Duration: January – June