We serve you: A four year vision for IWDK

By Nicolai Fast Sørensen

As you might know DigitalLead is the new operator for Internet Week Denmark. For the first time IWDK is on a four-year operatorship, where we are able to build upon our existing experience from the previous years to ensure a greater strategic impact and further evolvement of the festival line up. Over the coming years we want IWDK to grow and be an international powerhouse in building and facilitating the conversation and networking around the digital agenda. Along with tailoring and evolving the overall festival experience, it is important for us to highlight that we want to strengthen IWDK. Furthermore, we want to support the growth in tech and facilitate conversations that put people first in a digital age  – both nationally and internationally.

How will we succeed? Listening, partnering up and evolving the festival feeling. 

We are working hard at creating the IWDK21 and are ready to present our goals for the next festival through a vivid presentation with sketched visuals and determined goals. Here is a sneak peak of the IWDK21 goals.

In line with the recent Covid-19 restrictions, it’s of great importance that our presence will extend to physical meet-ups and online streaming, as to be prepared for every possible scenario in the foreseeable future. We are working hard on creating a fluent online experience. 


Trust & Tech // Today & Tomorrow: 

The four-year span allows us to differentiate each festival, improve upon what works and help create knowledge for both businesses and the public alike. This year’s theme is Trust & Tech. Trust is fundamental for our society, businesses and in our everyday life. The Danes are the most trusting people in the world, but can we really trust tech and digitalization when it comes to our democracy, the media agenda and the handling of data? IWDK21 will spotlight the potentially growing distrust in our community, ethical debates and explore how the tech-industry maintains a firm connection to trust in the design process.


The four main tracks:

The four year span also enables us to create tracks that encapsulate recent trends, topics and different takes on the digital agenda. Our vision is to strengthen and form long lasting bonds with state of the art tech-personalities and exciting partners in theme curated tracks that facilitate meaningful conversation. Through growing partnerships we will make these tracks a must-go-to and embody the world of tech and, which is crucial in forming a wide representation. The four tracks are: 

  • Green Tech & Sustainable Cities
  • Health Tech
  • Retail 
  • Startups & Investors


These tracks embody a significant part of the tech-world and represent what we at IWDK feel a need and local passion for. As examples, green tech is a vital part of our future and Aarhus is a strong frontrunner in retail tech. Over the coming years, we hope to grow and invest in the content of these tracks, so they create a captivating experience, where you meet upcoming technologies, trend-studies and useful takeaways. 

A four-year term allows us to try out new ideas, be ambitiously creative, learn and modify the experience of the overall festival feel. We look forward to sharing a wider deep dive with you soon. 


Involving you: 

Over the coming months our goal is to reach out to you, dear reader, pick your brain, create stories and get us all interacting together. We find great importance in listening in on feedback from you guys. From trusted partners, the hardcore business entrepreneurs, former keynote speakers, audience members, experienced guests and those who are yet to experience IWDK. We long to hear your thoughts so we can create the most intriguing public expo and festival program. 

So if you’re already bubbling with ideas, want to share your stories from IWDK or want to provide your insights feel free to contact us on info@internetweekdenmark.com or on our social platforms.