Partnering up with leading companies to create digital impact

By Jonas Sepstrup

We believe that the best stuff happens, when you are doing it as a community – together. On that note, we want to take IWDK to new heights with support from a diverse field of companies. This is also built into the original DNA of IWDK through the Crowdsourced event part, which has existed from day one of the festival eight years ago. Everyone can create and host IWDK events. Everyone has a say on the way we do IWDK. So if you feel called upon – listen up.

So how do we partner up with big and small, startup and enterprise, fast growing and crazy thinking companies? We invite you guys to be a part of forming and designing the festival. We invite you to tell us what it takes to become a festival where the employees will give heart and soul to be a part of it. Where you benefit either economically, socially or both. At IWDK19 (IWDK20 was Covid-19 cancelled) 107 companies or organizations hosted one or more events. On top of that the City of Aarhus, Business Region Aarhus, Digital Hub Denmark, Region Midtjylland and Smart Aarhus tipped in as Premium Partners.

This year, the operator of IWDK, DigitalLead, will host a number of events under favorable terms and conditions of membership – and of course, offer its more than 600 member companies to take part in IWDK.

“Challenge us” and become a partner

Last week we arranged an online “challenge-us” meeting with businesses from all around Denmark. We wanted them to challenge us on how IWDK should function physically/digitally, explore new themes and attract new people. By listening to their critique and their ideas, we are aiming for an even better festival than the last couple of years. It’s years we are proud of, but it’s also years we want to use as stepping stones. In IWDK21 we are aiming for 150 companies or organizations. Our event partner APEX Drone Racing at IWDK19 says the following in a testimonial:


“Our commitment to IWDK is due to a desire to support the festival’s focus on technological and digital education – especially of children and youths who are our core target group. IWDK is a relevant and ambitious platform for us, where we are guaranteed to meet both professionals, children and youths with an interest in technology. Our employees also participated in IWDK’s other events and were themselves entertained both academically and personally by the broad range of knowledge that IWDK offered in 2019.”

Christian Clemmesen Møller (CEO and founder, APEX Drone Racing)


What attracts you? How is it valuable to be a part of IWDK21 for your company? Or what mistakes should we be careful NOT to make? We are eager to hear. And if you are just slightly interested in becoming a partner of IWDK go check out our ‘Become a Partner’ page here. We promise you will find descriptive benefits for your organization. Furthermore, write us an email with your suggestions for an engaging festival at: