Are you a Local Rock Star? (EVENT POSTPONED)

By Malene Vedersø



This is brand new information for you, who would like to know more about Local Rock Stars’ three tracks. The 3rd of December 2020 the seventh one-day conference of Local Rock Stars will take place at Stakladen, Aarhus. A full day of knowledge sharing and insights for IT professionals and students. To fully embrace Covid-19 this year, we have chosen to call it Local Rock Stars // EXCLUSIVE

What does EXCLUSIVE mean? In regards to Covid-19, we have limited the maximum number of participants to around 50 participants at each track. This means fewer tickets and a restriction of No-Change-Track that locks the participants to one specific track. Hopefully, this should lead to less shopping around and a more interactive crowd.

We have designed three main tracks for the Local Rock Stars conference (1) Product Management & UX, (2) Leadership, (3) Tech. Right now we’re looking for speakers for this year’s conference. Do you have a Local Rock Star hidden in you? Let’s see.


(1) Product Management & UX:

This track will dive into the very essence of building successful products. What is the secret sauce when you are working with user experience or product management? And which bumps on the road did you face? We are looking for designers, specialists or managers that will share their favorite war stories from the tech world: How do you get from an idea to a final product? How do you involve users in product development? How is the entire product lifecycle supported by the organization? As a part of the Local Rock Stars’ DNA, it’s important that you highlight at least one mistake that you withdrew valuable experience from.


(2) Leadership:

The leadership track at Local Rock Stars will dive into leadership on many levels of organizations. Here you share experiences from leadership, pinpoint decisions or big time crisis management. Do you need to lead the direction in your field without the possibility of direct human contact? Maybe you are Scrum Master on a team that refuses to work in an agile way? Maybe you are leading in a very small company or start-up where people need to take on more than one role? 

Come and tell about your experience, not only your successes, but also if things are not working. What was meaningful and what was not? What did you learn? Remember to be specific and don’t go through the entire process. Choose some specific areas to talk about. 


(3) Tech:

Are you a frontend developer, backend developer, full stack developer, architect, systems engineer, dev-ops developer or do you just like to play around with code. Please be prepared to show some of your code and have an honest presentation regarding the challenges you have met. Join us as a speaker at the tech track with your story, your way of coding and with your passion for solving problems. And as always, bring your successes as well as your mistakes.


To sum up:

So, maybe you and your company have a really exciting case within the three tracks that you are passionate about. In that case, come and share your experience at this Local Rock Stars EXCLUSIVE – we would like to hear from you. Please fill in this google form: before October 9th and we will get back to you. Be aware that this is a low key event where the companies pay to speak and the participants participate for free.

Sounds exciting? Visit our webpage Local Rock Stars and get more information about the koncept.  


*CORONA SAFE: It’s important for us to emphasize that we expect as large and committed an audience as we usually do and we will not conduct the conference unless it can become a physical commitment. As a company, you will not have money on the line if we have to cancel due to Covid-19 – a precaution we have absolutely no intentions to activate.