AARHACKS – Gathering of Tech-professionals

By Jonas Sepstrup

AARHACKS is a gathering of tech-professionals in Aarhus – and now you can join! Sign up and put a big mark on your calendar on November 7 for a day of hacking and having a good time together with up to 50 of your geeky friends, 1337 colleagues and other great people from the tech community! It’s like a family party – only that everyone at the party can code! 


A Tech-Tradition

The very first AARHacks took place last year, and the goal is to call out the tech community in and around Aarhus – this is to be a great tech-tradition. It will be a safe place for you to connect, challenge your peers from other local tech companies, reconnect with old study friends and just have a good time while building cool stuff. There will be no job postings, commercial interruptions or people trying to recruit you to code something weird in Cobol or Brainfuck for their very promising startup. Just cool people, good atmosphere, great food and happy hacking.

AARHacks promises that the event will follow every Covid-19 restriction and has the possibility to transform it into an online event.


What the Hack?

There will be no specific cases, but there will be some cool prices for hacks around the following topics, e.g. Hacking Aarhus – and maybe there will be a surprise category (last year Christmas was hacked). Everything goes from brilliant solutions and mind-blowing prototypes to useless but technically working stuff that’s cool, flashy and with a lot of wires on it.


Who can join?

Tech professionals from the Central Region in Denmark. Juniors, seniors, wizards and all in-between are welcome!

Sign up here: https://aarhushacks.dk/aarhacks/

Date: November 7th, 2020.

The organizers and main sponsors behind the event are Happy42 and Destination AARhus. If you have any questions please reach out to linda@happy42.dk.