New operator for Internet Week Denmark

By Malene Vedersø

We can now present IWDK’s new operator, DigitalLead, which will be in charge of the planning and facilitating of the festival for the next four years (2021-2024). DigitalLead is the upcoming nationwide cluster for digital technologies. With a solid circle of partners behind, DigitalLead will work to connect the entire digital Denmark.


After IWDK20, like so many other major events, was canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis, the digital festival continues with the theme “Trust and Tech – Today and Tomorrow”. IWDK thus constitutes a platform to discuss and find solutions on creating security around digital services and business models. In this way, we e.g. don’t experience infringing violations of our privacy.

“Trust and Tech – Today and Tomorrow” as a theme is close to the heart of the Mayor of Aarhus Municipality, Jacob Bundsgaard: 

“We need forums where we can discuss all the dilemmas of digitization. That’s what IWDK is all about. People from all corners of society can take part in the debate on what our digital future should look like. We are all affected by technological development and we must all have the opportunity to influence it. I look forward to cooperating with DigitalLead and hope that together we can take IWDK to new heights.” Says Mayor Jakob Bundsgaard.


At DigitalLead, regional director in Aarhus Bo Sejer Frandsen also looks forward to planning and facilitating IWDK:

“The purpose of IWDK is to create a festival that supports and contributes to the further development of Denmark’s digital leadership position. There is a close coincidence between the overall purpose of DigitalLead as the country’s upcoming cluster organization for digital technologies, we are therefore really happy to have been assigned the operator role for IWDK”, says Bo Sejer Frandsen.


Like the previous two years, Louise Overgaard, Business Development Manager at DigitalLead, will be the festival director of IWDK. Louise talks about the visions for the development of IWDK over the next 4 years:

“With DigitalLead as operator, we will see IWDK grow in scope and volume of offerings. There will be a focus on developing the festival both nationally and internationally – and on the festival supporting the green agenda. Among other things, there will be a special theme day with a focus on technology that drives green change, and in the citizen-oriented part of the festival, topics such as circular economy and digital manufacturing will play a central role”.


The team behind IWDK, DigitalLead and The City of Aarhus is looking forward to IWDK taking place on May 4.-9. 2021. See you? We sure hope so!