By Malene Vedersø

The 2020 Local Rock Stars IT conference will take place Dec 3rd in Aarhus and is currently looking for speakers interested in sharing knowledge and broadening their network in Jutland’s IT community. 

Local Rock Stars is an annual one-day conference in Aarhus that is free for participants. The conference normally attracts over 400 participants and aims to share IT knowledge and insights from Central Denmark’s IT community while also informing IT professionals and students about local career opportunities. Due to COVID-19, things obviously look a bit different this year, as we obviously have to comply with the restrictions, in order to reduce the infection. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t have a successful day.

The conference format consists of one keynote speaker and around 20 other speakers spread across various tracks, including presentations by Local Tech, UX and Leadership Rock Stars. These presentations are based on speakers from small and large companies who offer skill-based learning to participants and who are willing to give the audience an honest look inside the “engine room” of their respective companies. In fact, companies pay to get a speaking slot to showcase what they can do. It’s a day of ‘free training’, networking and technical debates. 


Local Rock Stars is not a marketing or sales event. That’s why the Local Rock Stars conference has some special dogma rules that all speakers must agree upon before presenting:

  1. No sales pitches. Make sure your talk is strictly technical, UX, or QA professional.
  2. It is okay to mention the name of your company, and to use slides with your logo once, but standard company presentations are not allowed.
  3. All presentations should include a description of at least one mistake you’ve made, and what you learned from that error.
  4. It is fine to use examples of services and products, but it is unacceptable to do so in a way that explicitly promotes them.
  5. All speakers must present in English and have their primary workplace in Jutland.

These dogma rules are meant to set speakers up for success and ensure relevance and value for conference participants. 

To become a featured speaker, read more at or fill out this google form before October 1th. 2020

If you have any questions please contact us on