Learn more about Office Robots at Nordic RPA on May 13th in Aarhus.

By Anders Leonhard Jensen

While we look forward to IWDK21, there are still some individual events from the IWDK20 program that event organizers plan on holding during the week of May 12 – 17. 

These events are held at the discretion of the individual organizer and will adhere to the restrictions and recommendations from the Danish government. For more information or to sign up, contact the organizer directly.


Learn more about Office Robots at Nordic RPA on May 13th in Aarhus.



Office robots, with the technical name ‘Robotic Process Automation’ (RPA), are a software solution that imitates the behavior of an ordinary employee regarding the use of the company’s IT-systems. 

The office robot, which can be addressed as a virtual assistant, can log into systems and webpages, type, copy and paste, calculate, gather information, structure data and much more. The robot makes it much faster than its human colleagues, works 24/7 and heightens the data quality in the company to a fourth of the price of an average employee. 

The question is not whether the implementation of an RPA solution in companies are necessary, but rather how such actions are to be launched. If you take full advantage of this technological transformation, the latest research and statistics indicate that there is a high risk of being outperformed in the market. Join the journey into the fourth industrial revolution, with this interesting and inspiringmeeting, where most of the gains are reaped by the first moving companies.


When & Where?

The event will be held at Nordic RPA A/S, Skolegade 5,1 8000 Aarhus C. We recommend parking at Dokk1.

The event will take place from 8.00-9.30 on Wednesday 13th of May, Thursday 14th of May and Friday 15th of May. 



Participation is free of charge, but you will need to register at: ms@nordicrpa.com with the following details: Name, company and position and of course which day you would like to attend the event. 


Due to Covid-19, we are following the guidelines issued by the government. We will therefore not be more than 6 persons in the same room, also there will be hand sanitizer at the entrance.