The tech tales event in Aarhus: Tech, Laughter & Inspiration

By Anders Leonhard Jensen

While we are waiting for IWDK21 we are extremely lucky that Aarhus-based Co-Coders, a community of people interested in programming and social fun, will host a unique evening of technological storytelling in Aarhus on June 22th from 6 pm to 9 pm.   


In total, five presenters will each spend 15 minutes sharing their tech tale. A Tech Tale is a short story about a specific technology or about how the speaker uses technology to solve problems. 


Lise Bach Lystlund, The co-founder of Co-Coders, explains the thoughts behind the event: 

“There’s a general perception that technology and coding is only for nerdy people. We don’t agree with that at all,” She says.  “We want to celebrate the people that master communicating tech solutions in fascinating, funny and inspirational ways. We do not all have to be tech specialists, but want to encourage getting the most out of digitization and automation in all areas and helping more people need to have a basic understanding of tech.’


The event is for EVERYONE, no matter skill set, age and background – we aim to make it interesting both for the tech experts and the tech novices.


And the audience is up for a treat with five top tuned local speakers. Not all speakers are confirmed, but you can already now look forward to hearing wonderful Geeta Schmidt, who is the CEO of Humio and amazing Phil Hall, Global Content Lead, who will be the stage host for the evening. 


The event that is co-hosted with VIA, Microsoft and IWDK will for sure be live streamed, but we sincerely hope that we will also be able to meet physically in Musikhuset to celebrate technology, good dissemination, network and life.

Follow the event here:

We hope to see you at Musikhuset or online for a celebration of the best storytellers from the tech world.