Inspiration! Laughs!…and Tech!

By Brian Woodward

The Tech Tales Competition at Aarhus Musikhuset: an evening that is sure to entertain and inspire.

Aarhus-based Co-Coders, a community of people interested in programming and social fun, will host a unique evening of storytelling at Musikhuset in Aarhus on May 14th during this year’s IWDK festival.

Tech Tales is structured as a competition, in which five storytellers will take the stage to compete in delivering the best tale of how they used technology to solve big problems.

Lise Bach Lystlund, The co-founder of Co-Coders, explains that competitors will be judged on their ability to tell a complex story with simple, straightforward language.

“There’s a general perception that technology and coding is only for nerdy people. We don’t agree with that at all,” She says.  “We want to celebrate the people that master communicating tech solutions in fascinating, funny and inspirational ways. We do not all have to be tech specialists, but want to encourage getting the most out of  digitization and automation in all areas and helping more people need to have a basic understanding of tech.’

At the event, each of the five speakers will have 15 minutes to explain their tech dilemma and the solution they found to solve it. Afterwards, a panel of five judges along with the audience in the concert hall and an audience online will choose the best tale. The selection criteria include creativity, communication skills and common sense. 

Lystlund adds that Co-Coders hopes the audience will go home with a renewed curiosity for technology and perhaps be inspired to develop new tech solutions in their own field. 

“We want to remove the mystique, prejudices and stereotypes that surround the tech environment, to avoid having a tech elite in the future,” she says.

“The World Economic Forum estimates that new technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics can create as many jobs as they displace and if we want to avoid increasing unemployment combined with labor shortage in the tech industry, there is a need to start retraining some of the professionals that is being replaced. Co-Coders believe that this process starts with curiosity and inspiration.

Co-coders is looking for competitors for this event! Students, professors, startups, developers or anyone else with a good tech story to tell are welcome to submit a short video (max. 5 minutes) with a pitch of their tech tale and tech message. The video will be uploaded to our Youtube-channel, where people can upvote their favourite tech tales 🙂 The best tech tales will compete for prizes in Musikhuset the 14th of May.
The deadline for videos is March 31st and it should be mailed to