Register for #IWDK20 today

By Brian Woodward

Today is the day 👏👏👏

#IWDK20 is officially open for registration for participants and event organizers.

Whether you want to host an event or attend one of the expected 140 events during the week of May 12-17, all you need to do is visit our website.

Are you considering hosting an event?

Businesses host events to showcase their offerings and create new leads. Clubs do it to find new members and schools and cultural institutions host events that make us think about how tech is shaping our future. 

Just visit our website and register your event through the online form. Your event will then be listed on the IWDK website so people can begin registering. The sooner you get your event online, the more exposure it will get. 

Do you want to participate in an IWDK event?

Browse through the event listings on the IWDK website, and find your favorites. You can create a profile and register for events directly on the website. 

Events will be uploaded on a running basis between today and April 27th, so check back occasionally to find new events and inspiration and create your own unique program.

Many events are free and almost all are open to the public.

New to IWDK and don’t know where to start? 

IWDK has a unique festival structure. 

There are no armbands or big entrance fees. And this is not a tech festival for techies only.  

Instead, on our website, you can create your own unique festival program based on your specific interests through three different event formats:

  • Flagship events: These are organised by IWDK and our sponsors. There are fewer of these kinds of events, they are generally held at larger venues and the focus is on ideas, discussion and networking. For instance: The Opening Ceremony.
  • Summit events: These are full day events that focus on a single topic through various presentations and workshops. These are organized by IWDK and our partners. For instance: A.I., Digital Transformation in SMEs, Digital Leadership, Cyber Security, XR, and Retail.
  • Crowdsourced events: Anyone can organise and host a crowdsourced event. There is no set length or format, but most crowdsourced events are one or two hours long. Our platform allows event organisers to plan, organise, promote and collect participant lists for their event.

At IWDK there is something for everyone.  There is even a special program for kids called IWDK Junior.