#IWDK20 Summit on Artificial Intelligence: To Trust or Not to Trust?

By Brian Woodward

Aarhus-based tech startup JumpStory will host the #IWDK20 A.I. summit on May 13th at DOKK1, featuring a full day of keynotes, panel debates and audience discussions with some of Denmark’s leading experts on Artificial Intelligence. 

In the coming decade we will be discussing A.I. and algorithms like never before,” says JumpStory co-founder and A.I. summit host Jonathan Løw. “However, it will not merely be a debate about the technologies, but most certainly also about the ethical aspects of A.I. One of the key questions and debates will be: Who should we trust in the future – A.I. or Humans?

Keynote speakers during the day include Liselotte Lyngsø (Future Navigator), Peter Svarre (tech entrepreneur) and Kathrine Stampe Andersen (business angel and tech expert) along with panelists from DTU, ICU and a host of other leading AI companies.

Join JumpStory and take part in the discussion about the future of Artificial Intelligence by registering for the summit at IWDK.DK. 


The #IWDK20 A.I. summit will take a deeper look at the possibilities and pitfalls of A.I. through a full-day of curated sessions. Summit participants are professionals and individuals with a strong interest in A.I. 

Register for free and see a detailed program for the day here.

About JumpStory

Jumpstory is at the forefront of AI and visuals, using AI to help companies find the perfect image and predict the impact of it. For more information on JumpStory, please visit the company’s website.