Get in the Christmas spirit with these 6 apps

By Camilla Sondrup Nielsen

The holidays are approaching us, and with decoration, gift shopping, and Christmas dinners you might not have discovered all the Christmas apps just waiting for you right there next to you on your phone. Fear not! At IWDK, we have gathered a selecting of the best and most Christmassy apps for you to take a look at this Christmas.


1. Get an overview of the Christmas shopping

It may be hard to keep your head in the game when all the Christmas presents are due. Santa’s Bag will help you keep track of everything from budget to purchased gifts, as well as gift ideas and whether or not they are wrapped.

2. Decorate your phone

Christmas Wallpapers will make sure your phone is up to date and decorated for Christmas with the coolest and nicest backgrounds.

3. Smile for the camera!

With the Xmas Booth app, you can take a picture or just grab one from your camera roll and choose from a host of Christmas-themed stickers to turn anyone into a Christmas character and send it to whomever via email, Twitter or Facebook.

4. Create your own video eCards

Personalized video eCards from JibJab offer a lot of fun with up to five photographs that are placed into the video in a similar way to the Elf Yourself video. It’s well worth looking into the app, as there are more than 200 different video cards that you can personalize and share among family and friends.

5. Tune in on the loveliest Christmas tunes

The right Christmas mood calls for Christmas tunes. You can, of course, make your own playlist of all your favorite Christmas songs on Spotify, but you can also use this Christmas-RADIO app. Christmas radio has collected all the Christmas radio stations that will sing you right through Christmas. 

6. Lyrics for your favorite Christmas carols

We stay in with the music, but it is now Christmas Eve and you are about to dance about the Christmas tree. But where did you place the songbook? If you recognize this scenario, Julesange (Danske) – Juleappen can help you. The app contains all the lyrics to the traditional Danish Christmas carols, and you can even get help with the music. Psst. It furthermore has a countdown function and tells you precisely how many days, hours, minutes and even seconds there are until Christmas.