Become event organizer at Internet Week Denmark 2020

By Camilla Sondrup Nielsen

The year is almost up and we are working intensely on the planning and organizing of next year’s IWDK! And there is so much you can look forward to when we host Internet Week Denmark 2020.

Same as last time, IWDK will be divided into curated and crowdsourced events. Internet Week Denmark 2019 consisted of a whole of 142 events, including 12 curated and 130 crowdsourced events. For next year`s festival, we are aiming for a similar setup. The theme is IWDK 2020 is Trust & Tech, Today & Tomorrow.

The curated events will revolve around the theme, and we highly encourage event organizers of the crowdsourced events to incorporate the theme as well. The audience is wide and the possibilities many. To give you a little sneak peek, here are some of the topics related to this year’s curated events: Cyber-security, Retail, SME’s, Leadership, GovTech, and Communication. Pupils can attend CRAFT (short for Creating Really Advanced Future Thinkers) and youth can attend  Local Rock Stars Junior. Furthermore, you can look forward to a whole weekend of children’s activities, including E-sport, Kids it-conference, and GameJam.

Would you like to become an event organizer for Internet Week Denmark 2020? Whether you see yourself in a collaboration with IWDK regarding one or more of the curated topics, or you would like to create your own crowdsourced event, please feel free to contact us at